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Which French Twinks Model are you?

Today you can find out which of the French Twinks cast you would be in an alternate universe. Using our proven formula of mixing twink cum, some french onions and of course some insider information we have produced a fun way for you to find out… All while munching on a bagette!

  1. 1 Do you Shave your Pubes?

    1. Yes Fully Smooth
    2. I Trim them...
    3. No #Bushy
  2. 2 Where is The Best Place for Sex?

    1. Bed
    2. Beach
    3. Garden
    4. Boat
  3. 3 Are you Top or Bottom?

    1. Bottom
    2. Vers
    3. Top
  4. 4 Favourite Underwear?

    1. Boxers
    2. Briefs
    3. Jock-Strap
    4. None!
  5. 5 Are you a... ?

    1. Twink
    2. Sugar Daddy
    3. Jock
    4. Hunk
  6. 6 The Best Foreplay is... ?

    1. Slow Blow Job
    2. Deep French Kissing
    3. Full Face Rim Job
  7. 7 Sexiest hair Color ?

    1. Blonde
    2. Brunette
    3. Ginger

Which French Twinks Model are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    Chris Loan

    Well Well... Your Chris Loan, Hot and hunky you love a nice twink ass to fuck. You set your sights high and hope to achieve your dreams while sipping a cold glass of Vodka and coke!

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  2. Quiz result

    Jules Laroche

    Wow... Your Jules Laroche the big dicked stallion who loves to destroy a young twink hole.

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  3. Quiz result

    Ethan Duval

    Your most like Ethan Duval, Ready at a moments notice to moan loudly while sucking on a thick juicy cock, and a smile that can melt the hottest hunk.

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  4. Quiz result

    Camille Kenzo

    Your most like Camille Kenzo, your abillity to turn the heads of the cutest twinks is an ability that will serve you well on your future sexual encounters.

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  5. Quiz result

    Paul Delay

    You got Paul Delay... Europes Twink of the Year 2018! Your ready for anthing, be it hot and hot hunks or the smoothest twinks.

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  6. Quiz result

    Enzo Lemercier

    Your most like Enzo Lemercier! You have tons of energy and the attitude to attract even the cutest of twinks. As well as your dick always being ready for the next twink fuck!

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  7. Quiz result

    Abel Lacourt

    You are most like little abel, seemingly innocent on the outside but a lust fueled twink magnet on the inside. Go you!

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  8. Quiz result

    Gabriel Lambert

    You are most like the sweet Gabriel Lambert, using your fine physique to attract all the twinks who you will fuck anywhere from the beach to the pool locker rooms!

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  9. Quiz result

    Doryann Marguet

    You got Doryann Marguet, You can take on anything from principal to playboy. Always ready to take any twink at any time.

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  10. Quiz result

    Erwan Lamour

    You got Erwan Lamour, hes a little pocket rocket, ready to fuck at a moments notice and loves a twink.

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  11. Quiz result

    Justin Leroy

    You got Justin Leroy, the French blonde bombshell, always ready to play with the nearest twink around!

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  12. Quiz result

    Antoine Lebel

    YOUR THE BOSS!!!! You are most like Antoine Lebel, your not only the producer but the director, you get to have twinks submit to your every command.

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