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Which BelAmi PornStar are you?

Today you can find out which of the BelAmi Models you are using our cum filled eastern European super computer direct from the Baltic states… Just click what answers suit you and we will match you straight up!

  1. 1 Whats the Hottest Hair Color on a Guy?

    1. Blonde
    2. Brunette
    3. Ginger
    4. Black
  2. 2 How do you Like your Foreplay?

    1. BlowJob
    2. Deep Kissing
    3. Rimming
    4. Dildo Play
    5. Foot Licking
    6. FleshJack Fun
  3. 3 How Many People in your First Scene?

    1. Solo
    2. Duo
    3. Threesome
    4. Orgy
  4. 4 Where would be your Dream Porn Scene?

    1. On My Bed
    2. At The Beach
    3. Out in Public
    4. In The Pool
  5. 5 Who would you Fuck for your First Scene

    1. A Twinky Jock
    2. A Jocky Hunk
    3. A Muscle Hunk
    4. Insane Muscle Man
  6. 6 What is your Favourite Underwear

    1. Boxers
    2. Briefs
    3. Jock Strap
    4. Full Commando
  7. 7 Do you have any Pubes

    1. No, Prefer Smoothe
    2. Some, I Trim them
    3. Yes, I Love Them
  8. 8 Do you like guys with Tattoos?

    1. Yes Inked!
    2. No All Natural Skin
  9. 9 Whats your best Sexual Position?

    1. Will Top any Ass
    2. Vers Flip Fucker
    3. My Bottom is wide open
  10. 10 Where would you want your scene partner to Cum?

    1. Cover my Face
    2. In my Ass
    3. All Over my Body
    4. In my Mouth

Which BelAmi PornStar are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    Jack Harrer

    You're Jack Harrer !

    A Young maverick in the porn world who loves to tease and prokove a reaction, your always ready to get your dick sucked before pounding the new kid on the block.

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  2. Quiz result

    Helmut Huxley

    You're Helmut Huxley !

    Named jokingly by your fellow models due to your hairstyle and huge bellend, you wear the name Helmut with pride, Your athletic and relaxed at heart with a nice thick dick.

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  3. Quiz result

    Nils Tatum

    You're Nils Tatum !

    Blond haired blue eyed muscular handsome jock Nils is ready to fuck no matter when or where, with a smile that can melt the hearts of men both young or old.

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  4. Quiz result

    Kevin Warhol

    You're Kevin Warhol !

    Your a bit of a Legend, you've been around the boys, and people still drool at the thought of getting thier hands on both your body and cock... Its as if you could charm a statue with those deep blue eyes.

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  5. Quiz result

    Lars Norgaard

    You're Lars Norgaard !

    Your the absolute cutest thing to have ever crossed the sight of any living gay since adam & steve. Perfect Hair, Perfect Eyes, Perfect body... Your Just Perfection!

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  6. Quiz result

    Hoyt Kogan

    You're Hoyt Kogan !

    A truely intimate and flexable performer with a versatility that knows no bounds. You possess the pride of a lion while hunting your twinky prey with your green-blue dazzleing eyes.

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  7. Quiz result

    Kris Evans

    You're Kris Evans !

    Kris is one of the very few who has it all: intelligent and ambitious, good looks, beautiful dick, great cumshots, a great kisser, and wonderful greek god body. You really have it all!

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  8. Quiz result

    Dolph Lambert

    You're Dolph Lambert !

    Dolph Lambert combines wholesome blond good looks with down-to-earth farm boy roots, and a naughty eastern european charm, a handsome recipe for a true Bel Ami superstar.

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  9. Quiz result

    Gino Mosca

    You're Gino Mosca !

    Gino is a kindhearted and well educated guy, with stunning good looks, an amazingly defined body and grey-blue eyes to attract the hottest guys in any situation. You fuck, and when you do, you go all the way, deep and hard.

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  10. Quiz result

    Christian Lundgren

    You're Christian Lundgren !

    With cute looks, mousey blonde hair, and a big dick you rule the roost. But its your buff ass that attracts the boys to your bed and when they are there you know how to show them a good time!

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  11. Quiz result

    Torsten Ullman

    You're Torsten Ullman !

    Your possibly the hottest hairdresser in the Czech republic, and surely the most in demand, but not for your scissors, those boys keep comming for that tanned body, blond hair and sweet dripping cum your best known for!

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  12. Quiz result

    Mick Lovell

    You're Mick Lovell !

    The first American to feature at BelAmi, Mick really had to perform and he sooo did. His cute looks combined with a toned athletes body and a thick buldging cock made him an instant success.

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  13. Quiz result

    Adam Archuleta

    You're Adam Archuleta !

    Adam is a Casanova, a natural-born seducer. This alluring quality can be seen even in his first photosessions. His tanned body and tall dark and handsome looks can allure even the straightest of boys straight into bed.

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  14. Quiz result

    Joel Birkin

    You're Joel Birkin !

    Dark tanned and handsome, Joel mas become a BelAmi legend. With a near 11 inch dick he is able to smash the ass and give immense pleasure to the most experianced of pornstars. A true marvel of modern eastern european porn.

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  15. Quiz result

    Rhys Jagger

    You're Rhys Jagger !

    Stunningly elegant with a tall, dark and handsome style, Rhys is able to please. With an amazingly thick and long cock, he is able to thouroughly smash your ass, all while melting your heart with his deep blue eyes.

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  16. Quiz result

    Sven Basquiat

    You're Sven Basquiat !

    Sven is a bit of a pocket rocket, bursting onto the porn scene with the wit and enthusiasm not often seen. Hes cute as hell, has the adorable blond hair blue eyed look, and a smile that can make your heart race, all while riding dick like its his favorite hobby.

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  17. Quiz result

    Paul Cassidy

    You're Paul Cassidy !

    The latest muscle boy addition to BelAmi, porn cassidy has exploded into porn land. His boyish looks, defined hunk body and thick dick have awoken the masses, and they all want nothing other than him in thier beds.

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  18. Quiz result

    Pip Caulfield

    You're Pip Caulfield !

    Pip is one of the sweetest and most generous models at BelAmi, He is always willing and happy to lend a hand (or an ass... or a dick) whenever the need arises. Pip is blessed with an almost boundless sexual energy as well as the cutest boyish looks attached to a defined jocky torso... Were dribbling!

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