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In London with Team French Twinks!

I have personally had the pleasure of working for French Twinks for around 4 years and although sometimes tough my time with the studios has been amazing. Working out of sight and focusing on marketing and strategy, I have seen ideas come to life, models that have developed from unknown boys to fully fledged porn stars and collaborations that blow the socks off any horny twink lover! When Myself and Liam Ryder were invited to join the team at this years Prowler Porn Awards trip to London… How could we say no!

In the porn industry things can get heavy and everyone tends to overwork themselves, so things like an Awards Show trip allow you to blow off some steam and that’s certainly what we did. Meeting the management team on day one with exclusive model Enzo Lemercier en tow, we headed straight out for some quiet drinks, met up with the lovely Theo Ford and moved on to eat SUSHI!

Then it was a quick tube ride on to the official fringe pre-prowlers event where we met with a range of porn people and partied the rest of the night away!

Our night didn’t end there, you will expect some sordid tales of orgies and sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, but in reality it was a quiet party at our apartment. That is of course a quiet party with some amazing people and very interesting conversations. I personally took the evening to get to know Logan Moore, Theo Ford, Max Carter and Kyle Ross who are just the sweetest guys.

The Next Day was Prowler Awards Day! And there was a surprise airport pickup of the French Twinks rock star wild child Abel Lacourt, who was a fan favourite and after a break from porn returns to party with the team… Maybe this will also be a breakout for Abel to return to the porn world, only time will tell.

So action packed and with French Twinks models appearing out of the woodwork it was a haze of makeup, hairspray, checking what underwear to wear and of course getting everyone suited up. Of course this meant a little selfie overdrive.

Then Finally the Awards came, Already very tired from lack of sleep and partying a little too hard, the team marched on to the Prowler European Porn Awards.

Hosted at Fire Nightclub in London, the awards hosted By Mr Pam and ChiChi LaRue were a blast, and French Twinks managed to pick up 2 awards which certainly upped the spirits of the team, and give us the energy to party harder! There was live Sex shows, naked dancing acrobatics, an underwear fashion show and of Course a singer stripping in the shape of James Castle!

French Twinks won both Best Twink with Paul Delay and Best Scene with “One Hour Detention”. Paul’s reaction was enough to actually bring a tear to the eye, as he almost collapsed out of shock, and the face of enjoyment was better than any cum face we have ever seen him pull.

It was also very cool seeing our recently made friends Theo Ford and Logan Moore win their awards, Theo won Best Onscreen Couple with Gabriel Cross, and Logan won Best Fetish DVD movie and Best Bottom.

We also loved seeing our French Twinks former exclusive model Xavier Sibley receiving an award for Best Cam Performer, and The adorable yet highly talented young director Max Carter get his award for Best International porn star.

The parties continued until the following night, broken with a small bit of sight seeing in London during our last day there. But it would have been rude to have not partied one final time that night, where we were met by Ben and the management team from BoyNapped and once again the Helix Crew Kyle Ross and Max Carter.

We partied hard and a little lust we had seen growing between our Model Enzo and Max Carter flourished into a sexy dance session, 2 very hot guys who were a little too easy on the eyes!

Although at this point we really didn’t want the trip to end, but all great things must… We took our final selfies, jumped into separate taxis, and made our way back to our hotels and apartments ready for travelling home the following morning.

It was a crazy few days, with way too much parties, and not enough sleep… But we spent time with some of the most interesting people, who humoured us, were open & honest, and allowed us to enjoy their company and the pleasure was all ours. Many people will read this and expect us to have highlighted more sex or talked more about the more naughty side of our trip, but honestly for me the true highlights were the relationships and friendly bonds we made on our journey. We met so many people, way to many to mention here, and many we didn’t get the chance to get photos with, but each person along the way was just as amazing as the last.

So thanks to the rest of the French Twinks team for letting us document this and here’s to the next trip!

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