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Tennis Court Encounter: Malik Delgaty Takes Tim James for a Wild Dick Ride

This steamy outdoor scene from MEN features a thrilling game of singles tennis between muscular hunk Tim James and smoking-hot stud Malik Delgaty. But things take a heated turn when Tim gets distracted by Malik’s impressive bulge and ends up taking a ball to the face. Concerned for his opponent’s well-being, Malik rushes over and helps Tim out of his shorts, revealing his own well-endowed package.

One thing leads to another and soon the two are engaged in a bareback, doggystyle romp on the tennis court. Tim eagerly submits to Malik’s thick member, riding it and taking it deep in a piledriver position. As the intense pleasure builds, Tim explodes with ecstasy and Malik finishes off with a hot load all over his satisfied face. It’s a match that will never be forgotten.

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