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Spotlight on Dominic Albano Naked

I want to shine a spotlight on Dominic Albano, especially since I recently discovered him and well he exposes himself a lot!

Dominic Albano (I just love saying his name in full), is a New York based Actor and Model who is best known for his roles in Mason and Fantasies. Although its more his modelling work in which he enjoys getting naked in.

Being a big fan of guys guys who have plenty of muscle, and a firm round ass, Dominic Albano getting naked makes me like a child in a sweet shop, I want to lick or suck a something! (And that big thick dick of his would do nicely)…

Also Enjoy these new beautiful full frontal shots of Albano by Photographer Menelik Puryear (@mr_puryear) for his Hard Cider NY series (@hardciderNY):

I hope you enjoyed Dominic Albano as much as I did, let me know what you think in the comments.

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