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Sexy John Leto Creampies Oscar Scholz

This two part series featuring saucy Euro boys Oscar Scholz and John Leto is sure to get you in the mood! In part one, we witness John emerging from the shower as Oscar eagerly awaits his arrival. While John is encased in a towel, Oscar wastes no time as he grabs hold of John’s sturdy member, caressing it with tender affection. He’s not content with just looking and ventures down on John’s hard cock, giving it expert love. After some expert oral, John reciprocates the favor and facefucks Oscar with gentle force.

As the luscious session progresses, John rims Oscar’s tight asshole before pushing his raw dick inside for an enticing missionary screw session. Oscar then mounts up on John and grinds his tight hole before they switch to a steaming spooning session. John unleashes a creamy hot load inside of Oscar’s ass and relishes in the intimate warmth of a shared climax. Oscar lets go with his own orgasm and John slurps up his cum before they come together for a passionate kiss. This series looks to be the perfect prelude to a hot and sweaty night!

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