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MEN Bang – Addictive FREE Gay Game

Recently I come across a cool online little gay porn themed game online, MEN Bang. Now before I start I am not the usual gamer type, I certainly don’t know the difference between Skyrim and Fortnite.

But a online game where porn guys I love are under my control, one where I can control who they fuck, how hard and in what positions, well that’s more my language.

Well I have been in this situation before, clicked a banner and seen the dreaded “insert credit card here” screen, but wait… Not this time, this game is TOTALLY FREE! Yes there are options to buy things and progress a little faster if you want, but you can sign up with just an email and boom your playing.

And whats more after confirming your email you get a batch of free Diamonds, (a sort of speed up currency).

So here’s the bad part, its BLOODY ADDICTIVE! Yea I work from home so saying “oh just one more level wont hurt” means I loose half a day. But I have managed to play for nearly a month now on and off, not spent a penny/cent and have had literally hours of fun building my little virtual gay porn empire.

The main characters in the game are the leading models at MEN, they update the game on a fairly good basis also so its kept well up to date. So if you would like to see William Seed fuck Johnny Rapid doggy style, just plan the scene and way to go they are balls deep! have also made some scenes based on the game which are fairly hilarious, especially if you have played the game! See the Latest Trailer Below with Ryan Bones, Will Braun, Justin Matthews, and Damien Stone!

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