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Explosive Pleasure of Devin Franco Breeding Greyson Myles’ Hot Naked Body

Combining a passionate foreplay session with a hardcore raw session, Devin Franco and Greyson Myles never wanted their tryst to end. With their eyes locked, Greyson lay back as Devin lapped up his ass before planting his bareback dick inside. Greyson’s tight hole begged for more as Devin pounded him vigorously, stopping briefly only to give the jock a throat-fucking. Before long, Devin had his balls licked and sucked in a tee-bagging session, before Greyson had his chance to ride the raw cock.

This bouncing session quickly took a turn back to intense when Devin flipped Greyson on his back, ready to give him the momentum he’d been craving all night. With Devin encouraging him all the way, Greyson was able to cum before Devin, shortly after managing another flip in order to breed Greyson’s well-fucked hole with a splash of cum. Both men soaked in the afterglow of their steamy session, all while knowing that it would take awhile until the next time Devin Franco and Greyson Myles climb together in bed.

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